Spring is usually the time when many people become ill. This year it’s exceptionally difficult for us because of the coronavirus.

Today’s lesson is going to be a short talk about:

– symptoms of illnesses

– parts of the body and their pains

– injuries

– remedies

– staying healthy

1. „Help me doctor!” How to say that there’s something wrong going on with our health?

You can start this way: 

  • I’m feeling unwell
  • I’m ill
  • I’m sick (just in the USA, because in the UK to be sick means to feel like vomiting/ be about to throw up)
  • I caught flu
  • I caught a cold

cold – short infection which lasts a couple of days

flu – infection which is more serious than cold, it lasts up to two weeks, its symptoms are among others temperature and muscle pains 

flu, illness

2. Symptoms of illnesses

  • sneezing  (when your nose itches inside and you release some infected vapour form your mouth)
  • coughing (when there’s phlegm in you lungs and you want to release it)
  • temperature/fever (when you’re body temperature is higher than 36,6 C)
  • muscle pain (pains of your body)
  • chills (when you are ill and you feel cold this is what makes you shiver)
  • earache
  • headache
  • stomach ache
  • backache
  • toothache

ache – pain

  • sore throat (pain in your throat)
  • broken leg/arm (a condition where you can’t move your leg/arm because it hurts so much and you need to make it stiff)
  • twisted ankle (strong pains in your ankle caused by an accident)

3. Remedies

Remedies are actions or medicines taken in order to ease your pain and make you recover from an illness.

Here are examples of some remedies  which can be prescribed by your doctor or advised by someone:

To feel better you need to:

  • sleep a lot 
  • take some pills/take painkillers
  • drink syrup
  • have massages
  • have injections
  • put some ointment (ointment is a type of cream with curing properties)
  • go to the hospital to get a plaster (plaster is a substance which keeps the broken part of your body stiff)

4. What can a doctor say during a visit?

  • You should take these pills twice a day, sleep a lot and drink water. In three days time it should be better.
  • Here, take the prescription. You should have one injection a day. If you have any doubts, contact our nurse, please.
  • Apply these eye drops every four hours. 
  • You mustn’t drink alcohol while taking antibiotics. Drink a lot of water and take some probiotic. You should feel better on Sunday or Monday. 

5. How to keep healthy?

Taking care of your health can prevent many infections. There are ways to strengthen your immune system. For example you should pay attention to what you eat. Eating sufficient amounts of vegetables and fruit can help you be healthy. There is an old proverb which says: „An apple a day keeps the doctor away” and it seems there is something in it. According to many studies eating apples is beneficial to people. But it’s not only about this particular fruit. Your diet should be balanced, apart from fruit and vegetables it needs to include healthy fats, olive oil, nuts and others. 

vegetables and fruit

            It’s also advisable to keep your body in shape in order to avoid problems like muscle pains or obesity. Practising fitness, doing squats, press-ups or planks is perfect for the reinforcement of your body. It’s good to practice regularly, not many hours at once, but on average three or four times a week. The frequency and type of exercises may depend on your physical condition, age and preferences. Consult your doctor, physiotherpist or professional fitness instructor to dispel any doubts on this matter. Remember to contact a specialist before starting any serious and regular physical activity. Also, when you’ve already started and your body doesn’t respond the way it should, talk to the doctor before continuing exercises. Good luck!

And you? What do you do to keep healthy? How do you fight the symptoms of cold or flu?

Autor: Honorata Turczyn