Nicholas Sparks is an American writer, a beloved author known all around the world. He has written 21 books so far with many translations into different languages. Among his works you can find:

  • The Notebook
  • A walk to remember
  • Dear John
  • The Lucky One
  • The Last Song
  • Safe Haven
  • The Best of Me

All of these stories (and more) were adapted and watched by mllions of viewers.

The Notebook

The author became known from the very first novel he wrote: The Notebook. In 2004 Nick Cassavetes directed a film based on the book. It became one of the most popular love stories. What was it about?

An old man reads a love story to one woman in a residential care home. A poor young Noah meets rich Allie one summer and he falls in love with her. Steadily she returns his feelings toward him. Unfortunately, Allie’s mother would not let them continue their relationship. She is convinced that that the poor boy is not good enough for her daughter. The lovers are separated. A couple of years later Allie is preparing for her wedding with a rich lawyer whom she respects. Accidentaly, she finds a picture of Noah in a newspaper. Apparently, he wants to sell his house. The woman ventures to meet him.

The story is an absolute tearjerker.

A walk to remember

This is a story of a religious girl suffering form leukemia. She attends church meetings, goes to high school and tries to be the best version of herself helping others. We also have the other character, Landon, who is more of a troublemaker and a very popular kid at school. Though they happen to see one another in the school corridors, they don’t have much in common and they don’t get along. However, at some point, having to work together changes their lives and their perception of one another.

The Lucky One

Logan, a soldier, is mysteriously saved on one of his missions. He comes back to his motherland – Louisiana, USA and looks for a woman whose picture he had found on the battlefield. Finally he finds her. She lives with her son and her grandmother. The grandmother hires him to help them. The young woman is quite skeptical about him at first, but when she sees Logan’s envolvement and hard work, she lets him in into her world.

What is the key to Sparks’ popularity?

Nicholas Sparks writes about regular people. It brings him closer to average readers. Everyone can relate to his characters and imagine they’re in the middle of the story. It is a kind of literature that helps you relax after a hard day and can be pretty inspirational 😊 These love stories appeal mostly to women. The stories end well which seems to be attractive for the readers in the times of constant change and uncertainty. 

The newest book by Sparks is called Every breath and it was published in 2018. Another book The Return is going to be published in 2020.