When you see the date 4th of July the first thing that comes to your mind will probably be fireworks – colourful lights illuminating the night sky. Loud noises, crowds of people, happy faces. But what is the festival about? 

Independence Day

On 4th July the Americans observe Independence Day. If the day is on Saturday or Sunday the celebration is moved to Friday or Monday. This year 4th July falls on Saturday so it will be observed on Friday 3rd and it will be a day off from work. Schools and offices will be closed then.

A pinch of history

Independence Day is a very important federal holiday when people commemorate the establishment of the American Declaration of Independence.

Back in the 18th century there were 13 colonies on the territory of the USA. Among them there were New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia. All of the colonies were under the British rule. British government imposed high taxes and gave the colonists’ no chance of representation in the decision-making process. Therefore, they decided to fight for their independence. In 1776 the then States freed from the British power.


The Americans are famous for their patriotic conduct. Brought up in the culture of national pride, they often show commitment and love when it comes to national celebrations. And so, the Fourth of July is an opportunity to see the fireworks displays and parades, go to various concerts or watch films in the cinemas.

People put up flags on their houses or they march with them, they also wear national colours (red, blue, white). Some might even dress up as historical figures.

The Americans meet together, travel long distances to visit their relatives, party together, have barbecues. They eat food like hot-dogs, hamburgers, ribs, baked beans, corn on the cob and others.

Fun fact

There is a funny competition which takes place on the day. It’s called Nathan’s Hot-dog Eating Contest. As you may expect, it consists in eating as many hot dogs as possible. The time allowed is 10 minutes. Last year’s male winner ate 71 hot-dogs! Whereas female winner ate 31 of them! What do you think of such competitions?

To those who celebrate it – Happy Fourth of July! 😊

Honorata Turczyn