Today we’re going to deal with an easy grammatical structure. The title of
the article says: ‘The more you learn, the more you know’. It means that if you learn more and more, you know more and more. So, in a way, if the first action is intensified (more learning), the second one as a result becomes intensified (more knowing) as well.

The structure

Look at the following sentences:
1.) The healthier food you eat, the more energy you have.
2.) The stronger he is, the more he can lift.
3.) The longer you wait, the harder it is to stop.

As we can see, the structure is not very complicated „#$%What does it take to create such a sentence?
The + comparative adjective + rest of the clause, the + comparative
adjective + rest of the clause.

Compartive adjectives – Grammar

A short reminder of how to create comparative adjectives.

For one-syllable words just add -er. The rule applies to some of the two-syllable words as well.

long – longer
smart – smarter
high – higher

Remember to double the final consonant when the three last letters of the
word are consonant-vowel-consonant (b -consonant, i – vowel, g –
big – bigger
hot – hotter

To create comparative adjective form for two-, three- or more syllable words
add ‘more’ to the adjective.
inteligent – more inteligent
expensive – more expensive
exquisite – more exquisite

There are some exceptions as where the comparative form is totally different
from the basic form.
good – better
bad – worse
little – less

The more…., the happier… – Examples and explanation

After this short revision of how to create comparative adjectives, let’s focus
on the discussed structure again:
1.) The older he is, the more he forgets.

  • It means that he is getting older and older and because of that he
    becomes more forgetful.

2.) The funnier jokes I tell, the more people laugh.
– I can tell very funny jokes and if they are very very funny, people laugh
a lot.

3.) The longer the break from training, the harder it is to get in shape again.
– If I don’t train for a day, I can still be fit and it’s easy to practice. But if I
don’t train for a month, it is difficult to force myself to do it again.

Apply what you’ve learned! Good luck! 🙂

Autor: Honorata Turczyn